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January 04, 2008


Dan and Family

Dan lives in Arizona.

Daniel is a 5th grader. He has quite the imagination and is a very good writer for his age. He is involved in Tae Kwon Do and loves playing video games.

Sammy is attending kindergarten. Being a HUGE Captain Jack fan, he loves all things related. What a dolly he is! Joey is 2, the blondest of the boys and I think the most serious. Time will tell as he catches up to his brothers.


Sam ... continues to do great!

A recent retiree and still a disciplined jogger since his heart surgery in 2002. He jogs everyday if not twice a day! An occasional breakfast or lunch with fellow retirees has been added to his agenda.

Happy Go Lucky Mike

He is living back home. Mike works with kids in a Boys & Girls Club after school program. He continues with his interests as composer, guitarist, and vocalist in a local band ... "Sologigolos". He's got so much talent ... got a gig for him? 

Me ... missing my boys ...
(I gotta get a new pic with all 3!)

One of the best reasons that I work ... to see the grandkids. We stay in contact through phone calls and pictures. I'm always looking forward to the times I can go to visit them in person.


 Events ...

  • Sandy (Bob's wife) is doing well since being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. After surgery, radiation and chemo she currently is cancer free. Thanks to all for the many prayers and well wishes for her! Please keep them coming.

  • New babies born in the last year or so ... 
    Jeanna (Jerry's daughter) and Jon a girl 
    Kenny (Jerry's son) and Mistie a boy  (another is on the way)
    Kari (Bob's daughter) and Steve a girl named Katie
    Sarah (Jim's daughter) and Ted a girl named Lauren
    Dan (my son) and Huija a boy named Joseph
    Jeremy (Kris' stepson) and Roxanne a boy named Damien

  • Kurt, Nathan, and Nick will all be graduating high school and will be celebrating together this June. 
    Butch's (Don) son, Cody, graduated last year. Congrats to all!

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