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We have an average-size city lot and most of the back yard is taken up with flower beds which are terraced down to the alley. I haven't yet tackled the front yard with plantings, so you'd get a real surprise upon walking around the house to the back yard, especially in the summer months. The majority of my plantings are done with perennials. As I have little space in my yard for shade-loving plants, most of mine are full- to partial-sun varieties. Besides not having to purchase plants every year to fill my flower beds, I like perennials for many reasons, including: they're beautiful to look at with all of their colors and textures; depending upon type, they bloom at different times over the growing season; many attract butterflies; they're easier to maintain (discounting some of the more aggressive spreading ones); there are many, many to choose from; and I like sharing and/or trading them with others. Enjoy your "walk" ...

This view is on the lot line. I get to share and enjoy the lush plantings with my neighbor to the South. My hostas are in pretty much full-sun and they do wonderfully.





This view of the lot line to the North was taken the Summer of 2001. Soon the Hydrangeas and Trumpet Vine will fill in the open spot between the Lilacs and a pine tree.

A quick look around at some of the gardens.

My Plant Listing ... More Photos to Come

Aster     Leopard's Bane
Barberry   Lilac
Bleeding Heart Lily of the Valley
Burning Bush   Lily_Asian
Canna-Red   Lily
Chrysanthamum   Lily_Stella D'oro  
Clara Curtis Mum Obedient Plant  
Clematis-Maroon Peony  
Clematis-Purple Periwinkle
Cleome Phlox-Creeping  
Columbine   Phlox-Creeping
"Cone Flower"
"Coral Bells"
Coreopsis Potentilla  
Cranesbill Geranium Rose-Bush
Daffodil   Rose-Climbing
Daylily   Salvia  
Daylilies Scabiosa
"Pin Cushion"
Dwarf Flowering Crab Sedum-Autumn Joy
Evening Primrose   Sedum  
Fern   Shasta Daisy
Forget Me Not   Snow on Mountain  
Gladiola   Spirea  
Heliotrope Spirea  
Hens and Chicks Star Flower
Hollyhock Statis  
Honey Locust   Trumpet Vine
Hosta Tulip  
Hyacinth   Turtlehead
Hydrangea   Veronica
Iris Virginia Bluebells
Iris_Siberian   Weigela Bush  
Lamium Yarrow
Lamium Yucca

Taken in mid-Summer of the Coreopsis on top level of terrace. This picture doesn't capture the beautiful color of it all. The Hollyhock at left were simply beautiful with the deck for a backdrop..





The cool cobalt blue color of the gazing ball with the pink lilies seems a good combination. Later the pale violet clematis added to the scene.
At right the Yucca made a great show with the Obedient Plant.





I love the interest of the variety. Unfortunately, I don't have a large enough yard to add all of the flowers I'd like to. The more the better.
I think I have a few inches here and there to add something!

I hope you've enjoyed the stroll around my yard.
Although the gardens require a good amount of work the rewards are so sweet.
You'll never know what I might have next year or even next month.
Come visit again.

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With comments or suggestions.
Also, if you have plants to share.

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Last modified: July 28, 2005